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  • Product Code: RBMTAD-5G-30D3-PA
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  • Brand: MikroTik


MikroTik mANT30 30dBi 5GHz Dual-Polarised Dish Antenna


MikroTik’s mANT30 is a professional class 5 GHz 30dBi dish antenna, manufactured to the highest industry standards.

Built to seamlessly accomodate devices such as the Basebox5, NetBox5, and NetMetal5 products, but can be used for any pole mounted wireless device due to the adequate length of the included FlexGuide cables.

This dish can be adjusted to a slanted polarization at 45deg. 

Slant Features:

• Reduce RF interference in signal congested areas

• Reduce the impact on local microwave devices

• Unify the channel output if link deployed over a body of water

This product is the MikroTik Dish ONLY. Electronic devices/CPE’s such as the MikroTik BaseBox5 or Ubiquiti RocketM5 are sold separately and not included. Pictures for the mANT30 dish are for illustration purposes only and shows the CPE mounting position for items such as the BaseBox5.





Antenna Specs
Antenna gain 30dBi
Frequency Range 4.7 - 5.875 GHz
Polarization Dual Polarity (Vertical & Horizontal)
Diameter 600mm
Connector(s) 2x RP-SMA Female

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