1. All Uniterm Direct products are warranted against defects, for a period of 1 year unless otherwise specified. 
  2. Any warranty returns needs to be accompanied by the tax invoice, or invoice number. No warranty returns will be accepted without a physical copy of the invoice, or at minimum the invoice number the item(s) were purchased on.
  3. Units are booked into RMA upon receipt at either the JHB or CPT branch and will go into testing for a period of 48hours (business days), after which the client will be contacted with the feedback on the unit. The client will be issued with a CRO number upon book-in.
  4. Unit warranty is a carry-in warranty. The customer is responsible for delivering the defective product to the designated RMA address for repair or replacement.
  5. If the client is unable to bring the unit in themselves, it is the client’s responsibility to find a shipper as well as pay the shipping fee to send the unit back to Uniterm Direct.
  6. Uniterm Direct at their discretion will repair or replace a product found to be defective during the warranty period. The sole responsibility of Uniterm Direct under this warranty shall be limited to the repair of this product, or replacement thereof, at the sole discretion of Uniterm Direct.
  7. If a unit can be repaired, it will not be swopped out/replaced by Uniterm Direct.
  8. Uniterm Direct will not repair warranty void or out of warranty items, nor send it back to the supplier.
  9. Uniterm Direct does not supply loan units. If an item needs to be sent back to a supplier, it will be done so for the client at our expense, however if the client requires a unit whilst their unit is with the supplier a replacement unit will need to be purchased and paid for.
  10.  Any repair time given by Uniterm Direct for items that were sent back to supplier, is merely an estimate based on information supplied by the manufacturer and Uniterm Direct will not be bound by it.
  11. Uniterm Direct does not send units back to TP-Link. TP-Link warranties are handled on site at either our JHB or CPT branches.
  12. Uniterm Direct will not be held liable for any kind of data loss what-so-ever.
  13. In the event of a returned unit being deemed faulty Uniterm Direct will issue a replacement of the same or similar specification.
  14.  No refunds will be considered in respect of the return of damaged or faulty equipment.
  15. Any repaired/replaced unit not collected within 30 days of the client being notified may be sold to defray costs.

Limitation of Warranty

This warranty does not apply if the product:

  1. proof of purchase cannot be supplied (copy of tax invoice or invoice number),
  2. has been opened and/or altered, except by Uniterm Direct technical personnel,
  3. has been painted, written on or marked in way, shape or form,
  4. has been damaged due to errors or defects in cabling,
  5. has been subjected to abnormal physical or electrical stress, including but not limited to lightening strikes, power surges, water damage, misuse, negligence, or accidents,
  6. has any burn marks on the product,
  7. removal of MAC Address/serial number label or any other original label.

Due to external factors, power supplies are excluded from product warranties.