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5 GHz LTU® client that establishes extremely long-distance wireless links with an LTU Rocket serving as its base station.

The LTU XR is a high-performance, cost-effective PtMP CPE for wireless ISPs that can reach up to a 550 Mbps throughput rate. The LTU XR also facilitates independent transmission and receives channel frequency configurations anywhere within its radio band to avoid local interference and ensure superior client performance. Additionally, the LTU XR is equipped with a Bluetooth management radio so it's easy to set up and configure with the UISP® Mobile app.


  • Proprietary Ubiquiti LTU core processor
  • Long-range, 29 dBi antenna with InnerFeed® technology
  • High data and performance rate (1024 QAM)
  • Link range up to 35 km
  • Channel width flexibility (10/20/30/40/50 MHz bandwidth)
  • Central configuration management from the AP side
  • Frequency splitting
  • Router mode support
  • Integrated GPS
  • Link planning support via ISP Design Center
  • Quick, Bluetooth-powered setup with the UISP Mobile app


Antenna Specs
Antenna gain 29 dBi
Frequency Range 5.15 to 5.95 GHz
Beamwidth 0/20/30/40/50 MHz Channel bandwidth HPOL: 3 dB: 5.5°, 6 dB: 7.5° VPOL: 3 dB: 5.5°, 6 dB: 7.5° Elevation: 3 dB: 5.5°, 6 dB: 7.5°

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