Cable Tool Kit (NF-1304)
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Cable Tool Kit (NF-1304)

All the tools you need for basic network cabling installations, in a convenient carry pouch. The kit includes the following items:

  • Network Cable Tester: Used to test RJ11/RJ45 cables status;  checks for continuity, open circuit and short circuits. Includes a 9V battery.
  • Cable Strippers: Tool kit includes a wire strippers; easily removes the outer jacket of a cable via a sharp blade; strips cable hassle free without damaging inner cables.
  • Crimping Tool: 3-in-1 Tool suitable for RJ45 or RJ11
  • RJ45 and Boots: Includes a small box with RJ45 connectors and blue boots to get you started with making cables
  • Punch Down Tool: Used to terminate cables in IDC110 connection blocks commonly found on patch panels or wall boxes
  • Phillips & Flat Head Screwdrivers

Cable Tester:

Crimping tool:

Cable Strippers:

Punch Down Tool:

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