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Elevate Your Connectivity with Wi-Fi 6!

Support the Next-Gen Wi-Fi 6 technology, with a transmission rate of 286Mbps, allowing you to enjoy faster transmission and lower latency, refreshing your surfing experience.

Real 6dBi High Gain Antenna for Stronger Connection

The real 6 dBi high-gain antenna sets a record high in signal transmission and reception distances, allowing you to receive wireless signals anywhere at home.

Compatible with Various Operating Systems

Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11、Linux and UOS, to meet the requirements of various desktop and laptop users for wireless internet connections.

Easy Setup with Pre-loaded Driver

Without CD or downloading drivers online, farewell to tedious installation steps.

Built-In Access Point Mode

The AP mode enables U2 to turn your PC* into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and wireless clients such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers can access the internet through U2.

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