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The SG05P+1SFP-65WS is an unmanaged 5 Port 10/100/1000M PoE+1SFP Solar & Battery powered POE switch integrating solar power generation, intelligent POE power supply and full-automatic charge and discharge control. It is a great solution for reliably powering both 802.3af/at and passive POE devices in remote areas where there is either no grid power source (off grid) or the grid power source is unreliable.

Product Functions:

• It supports full-automatic charging and discharging function, with a maximum charging current of 5A
• The advanced PWM intelligent charging system greatly improves the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation
• It supports two battery types: lead-acid battery and lithium battery. There are 6 built-in battery specifications, and the maximum capacity is 50AH
• Support 12V / 24V (maximum 400W) solar panel input
• Using independent intelligent PSE power supply chip
• Port 1 support 802.3af/at POE+ 60W
• Port 2-3 support 802.3af/at
• Port 4-5 support 802.3af/at & Passive POE (auto detect)
• Support POE power supply output with total power up to 65W
• Adopt Realtek's latest intelligent network CPU

Example Scenario:

Application example of operator base station

Example Scenario:

Schematic diagram of switch connection

Product display and description:

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