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Ruijie Reyee High-Performance Wireless Access Controller (RG-WS6008)

Highlight Features:

  • Manage up to 7,168 clients and 224 settled APs or 448 wall plate APs simultaneously.
  • L2/L3 roaming, ensuring good mobility and security.
  • Multi-WAN, intelligent load balancing.
  • Unified Cloud Management for Easy O&M.

The RG-WS6008 high-performance wireless access controller (AC), developed by Ruijie Networks, is targeted for high-speed wireless networks. 

The RG-WS6008 is suitable for medium- and large-scale networks, such as government, higher education, primary and secondary education, healthcare, and enterprises. It can be deployed in any 2-layer or 3-layer network architecture to build a secure, efficient, and easy-to-manage wireless network. 

The RG-WS6008 supports cloud-based unified management, which can significantly simplify deployment of wireless networks. With high-intelligence load balancing, centralized/distributed integrated intelligent forwarding, and intelligent radio frequency management, the RG-WS6008 realizes intelligent network management. It supports comprehensive security policies, adopts enhanced security and clustering technologies, and provides network services based on identity-based networking.

Cloud-Network Convergence

Seamless roaming: allows STAs to roam at Layer 2 or Layer 3 in the RG-WS6008, so that STAs can cross the entire wireless network without IP address changes, thus ensuring good mobility and security.

WIS: provides professional, intelligent, and attentive services throughout the lifecycle of wireless products, covering network planning and design, implementation and deployment, intelligent network optimization, experience optimization, and subsequent inspection and O&M.

WIS cloud unified management: performs cloud-based network-wide configuration and optimization, without onsite debugging. You can use Wi-Fi Moho for remote O&M, so that wireless networks can be monitored anytime and anywhere.

Remote logging: displays system logs and sends system logs to the server for recording, which helps you learn detailed operation of a wireless network, with no worry about the lack of logs.

IPv6 access: fully supports IPv6 features, ensuring IPv6 forwarding on wireless networks. IPv4 and IPv6 STAs can automatically connect to the RG-WS6008 through tunnels to provide IPv6 services on wireless networks.

Intelligent Management

Intelligent load balancing: intelligently distributes STAs connected to APs in real time based on the number of STAs and traffic on each associated AP in a high-density environment, thereby balancing the traffic load, increasing the average STA bandwidth and QoS, and improving the availability of network connections.

Automatically enabling or disabling RF/SSID: automatically enables or disables wireless RF and SSID at the scheduled interval, without participation of administrators. That is, a wireless network can be automatically and periodically enabled or disabled.

Centralized/Distributed integrated intelligent forwarding: eliminates the traffic bottleneck of the RG-WS6008, enables the RG-WS6008 to forward delay-sensitive data that requires real-time high-performance transmission through a wired network. In the context of high throughput, this technology can better adapt to future wireless networks with heavy traffic transmission.

Intelligent radio management: flexibly controls the configuration of wireless access points (APs) to optimize radio performance.

High Security and Reliability

Virtualization: enables high reliability, capacity expansion, and performance improvement. APs are grouped for management, implementing secure and convenient authentication and encryption mechanisms.

Flexible and complete security policies: provides complete data security mechanisms, including four authentication modes of WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, and WPA2-PSK, and encryption technologies of WEP, TKIP, and AES, to ensure security of wireless network data transmission.

Disabling SSID broadcast: disables SSID broadcast on the AP connected to the RG-WS6008, so as to prevent unauthorized wireless clients in the local area from searching SSIDs and cracking passwords.

Blocklist/Allowlist: offers global and SSID-based blocklist and allowlist, preventing unauthorized STAs from connecting to the wireless network where the RG-WS6008 is located. The blocklist and allowlist better control the scope of a wireless network and prevents unauthorized STAs from cracking passwords and connecting to SSIDs.

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