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Introducing the Reyee RG-EST100-E, a 2.4GHz wireless bridge kit optimized for short-distance point-to-point (PTP) connections. Elevate your surveillance systems with stable, real-time data transmission even from 500 meters away. With factory-free configuration, you're spared from complex alignments. Its robust IP55 weatherproof design ensures unwavering performance in the harshest conditions, from bone-chilling cold to scorching heat.

Key Features:

500-Meter Real-Time Transmission: Stay connected and ensure stable signal for wireless connections even at a distance.

Plug-and-Play Design: Hassle-free setup without the need for intricate configurations or alignments.

Rugged & Weatherproof: IP55 rated to withstand the elements; confidently use it outdoors or in challenging environments like elevators.

Optimized for Surveillance: Support up to 10 x 3MP cameras at 100m and 5 x 3MP cameras at 500m, making it ideal for CCTV scenarios.

Remote Monitoring & Maintenance: With intuitive statistics viewable on Ruijie Cloud, you can monitor and manage your setup remotely with ease.

Better Visibility: Incorporated fluorescent stickers ensure easy recognition even in the dark.

Rust-Proof for Reliability: A design focused on longevity, ensuring a lower failure rate.

With the RG-EST100-E, experience unparalleled stability in your wireless connections, designed with CCTV systems in mind.

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