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IEC Female to SA 3pin Power Cord (1.8m)
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IEC Female to SA 3pin Power Cord (1.8m)


This power cord is 1.8meters long, features a dedicated SA 3pin plug on one side, with an IEC C13 plug ('kettle cord plug') on the other side.

Can be used to connect a desktop computer to an AC wall socket for power, or in conjunction with the UltraLAN 6 & 9socket PDU (with IEC power cord), in order to connect the PDU to an SA 3pin 220V power socket.

Power Distribution Units for Network Cabinets:
UltraLAN 6-socket (3pin SA sockets) PDU with IEC plug:
UltraLAN 9-socket (3pin SA) PDU with IEC Power Cord:
UltraLAN 6-socket (IEC plug) PDU:


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