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Cable & PoE Tester for RJ45, RJ11 and BNC

With the cable tester you can easily check if your network cabling is correct and immediately detect if an Ethernet cable is not installed correctly.

In addition to a pure continuity check, it can also check whether two strands were swapped or are causing a short-circuit: thanks to the remote unit, this is possible even for installation cables that have already been installed. Depending on the circumstances, you can switch between the manual test and an automatic check loop test that systematically tests one strand after another and then starts again from the beginning.

The PoE tester shows you whether a PoE signal is present at a port or network socket and which PoE mode is involved: the PoE finder is compatible with PoE standards 802.3af & at. The testing device is suitable for all network cables, from CAT3 & Coax BNC to CAT5, CAT6 and CAT7 as well as UAE, TAE and telephone cables (useful during cable installation for your DSL connection for example).

The unit comes in a hardshell case to protect the device and makes it easy to transport.
Please note that the tester requires a 9V battery, which is not included.

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