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15m Butyl Tape (30mm x 1.5mm x 15m)
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15m Butyl Tape (30mm x 1.5mm x 15m)

Butyl tape 1P  is  a  preformed  high  performance  polyisobutylene  (PIB)  based sealing  tape  available  in  single  strand  or  multi-lane  rolls.  This  product  has  a multitude of applications  where  joints  need  to  be  formed  to  seal  against  air  and  water  ingress. The product is cost effective, non-toxic and requires no tools to apply. 


ROOFING & CLADDING industry where it   creates an excellent seal in situations such as side and end lap joints and the bead section is particularly recommended for large corrugated end lap sheet profiles. A   copy of the independent test report to the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) specification is    available on the STP website.

Features & benefits: 

  • self wound roll presentation
  • solvent-less formulation
  • instant seal
  • direct control over quantity of sealant used in the joint
  • environmentally friendly
  • ease of use
  • good adhesion on both faces to most building materials


Butyl tape 1P should be applied to surfaces at a temperature range of between +4ºC and +40ºC. For best performance the surfaces should be clean, dry, and grease free. The product should be firmly attached at one end & as the roll is unwound gently pressing into place along the length & when satisfactorily applied in position firmly pressed along its whole length, ideally using a small roller to maximize the pressure sensitive nature of the product. On forming the joint the backing film must be left attached.

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