305m Economy CAT6 CCA Solid UTP Cable
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305m Economy CAT6 CCA Solid UTP Cable

305m box of CAT6 Economy CCA Ethernet cable suitable for home installations or shorter cable runs. This Economy cable is a very cost effective option when doing cable installations with short runs (we do not recommend exceeding cable runs longer then 50m).

The Economy cable is great for installations on a budget where only data connectivity is required, and is not recommended for any Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications. Comes in a generic easy-pull box, and the CAT6 cable features a 0.50mm CCA conductor core.
Please take note: For applications where PoE is used, it is recommend to use UltraLAN Bare Copper cable.


General Specifications

Packaging:                                    305m Box

Conductor material:                    Solid Copper-Clad Aluminium (CCA)

Conductor diameter:                   0.50mm

Colour:                                           Grey

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