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  • Product Code: CAB-T-RG59
  • Brand: UltraLAN


UltraLAN RG59/Coaxial Crimping Tool

The UltraLAN professional crimping tool is ideal for individuals needing to make up coax cables with crimped connections (suitable for N-Type, BNC, and TNC connectors). The tool features a lightweight steel body for easier handling, as well as a ratchet handle to apply force easier when crimping a connector.

The crimping tool has a die set (HT-336A) with 3 hexagonal openings for crimping connectors, making it suitable for a variety of cables (RG58, RG59, and RG62):
.256" / 6.50mm hexagon slot,
 .068" / 1.7mm hexagon slot,
.213" / 5.41mm hexagon slot.

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