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  • Brand: UltraLAN
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UltraLAN RJ45 CAT6 Connector

This RJ45 connector is specifically designed to fit CAT6 & CAT5e Ethernet cable (4-pair / 8-wire) 
and is perfect for terminating all of your custom built, high-speed Ethernet cables. 

These UltraLAN RJ45 connectors are suitable for both solid core and stranded cable. Staggered connectors help maintain data integrity and cut down on cross-talk by using a One Up, One Down style that keeps the conductors separate and maintains the recommended twist throughout the connector.


Plug Type: RJ-45 

50 Micron 8P8C Gold-plated contacts 

Designed For: CAT6 & CAT5e Ethernet Cable (solid/stranded)

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