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  • Product Code: CAB-C-64518OD
  • Brand: UltraLAN
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UltraLAN 18U Outdoor Wall Mount Network Cabinet

UltraLAN's outdoor cabinets are designed to protect your sensitive network equipment from harsh environments. The cabinet is made from durable cold-rolled steel and finished with a powder coating to protect it from the elements and corrosion. Several features are incorporated to safeguard the cabinet from the elements, while still keeping the equipment secure and well ventilated. These outdoor cabinets include a high-grade polyurethane door joint strip for better protection against water & dust, as well as a roof awning to prevent rain from entering through the top of the cabinet. These outdoor cabinets are secured with a 3-point swing handle locking system to keep the door closed and prevent unauthorized access.

Air ventilation is critical for the well being of your equipment, and the UltraLAN cabinet features vents on both side panels. In addition, metal mesh filters are set into a double wall on the inside, adding to dust ingress protection while still allowing air to pass through for better cooling inside the cabinet.

The UltraLAN outdoor cabinet has 2 ceiling mounted fans which improves air circulation and expels heat. Cable entry is allowed from the bottom of the cabinet through rubber covers. The UltraLAN wall mount outdoor cabinets also have 4 hooks on top for easier installation.


  • Body depth of 450mm
  • Includes 2 fans
  • Vented side panels for better air circulation and replaceable filters
  • 3-point locking system for door
  • Made from powder-coated cold-rolled steel
  • Supplied fully assembled to save time and effort
  • Adjustable 19" mounting rails with numbered U markings
  • Round cable glands with removable rubber covers on the base


Cabinet Specs
Cabinet Dimensions (H x W x D) 18U, 600x450mm (assembled)
Vertical Rack Space 18U
Horizontal Rack Mounting Space 19 inch
Fan Mountings 4 fans (included)

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