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  • Product Code: USB-CNV-C-HDMI


USB Type-C to 4K HDMI+USB3.0+PD Adapter

The HDMI port can be connected to a projector/monitor/TV or other large screen displays, and supports up to 4K video output. The adapter also features a USB3.0 port into which you can plug a variety of devices such as flash drives, a computer mouse, keyboard, and more. 

The Type-C adapter also supports 'PD charging', which allows the adapter to supply up to 60W of charging power for iPads/cellphones that have a Type-C port. Charging can be done at the same time while the adapter is sending data or video output through the other ports, making it a very versatile device.

This adapter has a Type-C plug to connect to your source (such as a laptop or desktop computer), and features an HDMI ouput port, USB3.0 port, and another USB Type-C port (for data and power output).

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