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  • Product Code: UB-U-INSTALLER
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  • Brand: Ubiquiti


Ubiquiti U-Installer (airMAX CPE Installation Tool)

The U-Installer is a useful tool to make airMAX CPE installation easier. It provides Wi-Fi connectivity and 24V PoE power to a CPE, so you can use the intuitive UMobile app on a smartphone or tablet for alignment and configuration.

24V PoE and 1000mAh Internal Battery Pack

The U-Installer provides 24V PoE power to the airMAX CPE. 
With its internal battery pack, the U-Installer simplifies 
your installation toolkit.

UMobile Support

Use the intuitive UMobile app for iOS or Android
to align and configure the airMAX CPE
or other Ubiquiti device.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The U-Installer provides Wi-Fi connectivity to the
 airOS management interface of a Ubiquiti device
 for a tablet or smartphone.

CPE Installation Simplified

Model Specifications:

Power Method:                         24V

Networking Interface:             10/100 Ethernet Port, Wi-Fi

Internal Battery:                     Yes

Frequency:                             2.4 GHz

Supported CPE:                     All airMAX CPEs

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