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  • Product Code: TL-WDRAX11000
  • Brand: TP-LINK


Game on the fast lane

GAMING BAND—a dedicated gaming band for your game rigs, makes your online games and your families' Netflix 4K streaming no more competitor.

DFS expands available channel automatically, get on the more vacant lane and boost the game.

Battle-Tested Hardware

Equipped with 1.8 GHz Quad-Core CPU and 1 GB of RAM to handle huge throughput and crush the lag. Link Aggregation and USB 3.0 type C and type A ports ensure virtually any device can connect to your home network.

Enter the 10 Gbps Wi-Fi Era

Faster speed the router is, less congestion for gaming rigs. Armed with Wi-Fi 6, Archer AX11000 becomes the next-level speed machine that offers astonishing Wi-Fi speeds up to 10756 Mbps with an extended range.

Lightning Attack to defeat latency

More connected devices shall bring more fun rather than dragging the performance.1 Revolutionary OFDMA is introduced to improve average throughput by 4× and cut the latency.2 3 Take advantage of incredibly low latency to demolish your enemies, with your team crew together.

4X Capacity


Multiple devices share one channel at same time.


Offer 4×4 connections to reduce wait time


Keep transmission under overlapped signals.

Keep all elements security

GAME PROTECTOR keeps your accounts and system safe. This free lifetime subscription of the HomeCare™ security system delivers comprehensive antivirus protection that ensures your total security while gaming online.

Ready for today and tomorrow's smart home

With the growing number of devices in today's home, everyone deserves a smarter and easier way to bring all your products together. Utilize Amazon Alexa to control everything via voice commands to enjoy truly intelligent life.

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