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  • Product Code: TL-VIGI-NVR1016H
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  • Brand: TP-LINK


VIGI NVR Introduction

The VIGI network video recorder coordinates with camera systems to help you view, store, and playback videos.

Security for every hour and every day.

24/7 Continuous Recording

Stores up to 10 TB of footage from connected cameras to secure your data for quick, convenient access.

Every angle all on one screen.

16-Channel Real-Time Live View

Sharp image definition up to 8MP and a 16-channel display ensures you capture every detail, from every angle.

Reviewing footage is faster than ever.

Quick Lookup & Playback

Find the target footage easily by date, event types, and tags. Replay with variable playback speeds to quickly review footage.

Keep an eye on things even when you are on the move.

Remote Monitoring

Dedicated VIGI app is developed for remote monitoring, providing ease and convenience.

More compression. More savings. Same quality.

Smart Video Coding by H.265+

Without using any extra bandwidth, your cameras transmit compressed crystal-clear video to save disk space, ease network loads, and reduce monitoring costs without sacrificing image quality.

No need to check long compatibility lists.

ONVIF Ensures Compatibility

Easily add IPCs from VIGI and other brands to establish a powerful and varied network thanks to barrier-free compatibility.*

Up to 720 days of footage stored locally.

1 HDD (up to 10 TB)

Stores up to 10 TB ( 720 days of video) on a SATA hard drive, keeping your data storage secured locally.

Greet your visitors before they enter.

Two-Way Audio

With voice intercom support, carry two-way conversations while watching your feed from anywhere. Suitable for management.

More bandwidth for more cameras.

80 Mbps Video Access Bandwidth

High video access bandwidth ensures your NVR manages more cameras with high resolution.

Based on laboratory testing using VIGI cameras, VIGI NVR can manage up to 16× 4MP cameras.

Manage everything with one.

Run your business with peace of mind.

The VIGI professional surveillance system by TP-Link is dedicated to protecting the business you’ve worked hard to build—whenever, wherever. Our outstanding functions, reliable quality guarantees, and simplified installation work together to ensure your business stays safe and sound.

†HDD is not included.

‡A hard disk drive (not included) must be installed for operation. Some devices may be incompatible, such as a wireless mouse.

△ Calculations based on laboratory testing using a 3MP VIGI camera. Actual performance may vary according to the amount of activity recorded, resolution, and other variables.

*Some features may operate sub-optimally due to compatibility issues. For best performance, we recommend using VIGI NVR with VIGI cameras.

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