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  • Product Code: TL-VIGI-C400HP-4-2
  • Brand: TP-LINK


Looking for a higher resolution? It's right here.

3MP Ultra-High Definition

The VIGI C400 camera comes with 3MP—more than enough pixels to pick up some of the more discrete details.

Choose the right lens for your security.

2.8/4 mm Lens

Whether you need a wide angle lens to cover enclosed spaces like elevators or a higher millimeter lens for longer distances in open spaces like parking lots, C400 comes with two different lens versions to better suit your security needs.

*Please note that this model has a 2.8mm Lens, for the 4mm model, please click here.

Never miss a detail.

SmartVid-Smart Video Enhancement

Smart IR

Keeps objects from being under-rendered when far away or overexposed when close to camera at night.

Wide Dynamic Range

Adjusts for lighting contrast to minimize shadowing effects and renders images true to life.


Removes abnormal pixelation to provide clearer video and eliminate distortion.

Around-the-clock protection.

Night Vision

A robust night vision system ensures your camera performs well in low light conditions and records what’s happening for future inspection.

More compression. More savings. Same quality.


Without using any extra bandwidth, your cameras transmit compressed crystal-clear video to save disk space, ease network loads, and reduce monitoring costs without sacrificing image quality.

*Measurements conducted on a 1 TB hard disk. Calculations based on laboratory testing using a 3MP VIGI camera, and actual performance may vary according to the amount of activity recorded, resolution and other variables.

Discover the best way to power your camera.

PoE/12V DC

Two power supply ways not only give you more convenience but also make your wiring remarkably easy.

Flexible Installation Gives You More Convenience.

Easily route your camera's cable into a dropped ceiling or avoid drilling by slotting it through the camera's side outlet.

Take full control over your security. Anytime, anywhere.

Three-Way Management


Build your network and manage your cameras all through your connected NVR. On-site management allows you to readily fix issues as they arise and check your system without any additional equipment.


Manage your security from the palm of your hand with the VIGI app.

The graphics on the left show three aspects of VIGI app management.

  1. Easily choose a camera from the multi-display profile and move it to the top for a larger view to see more details.
  2. Choose and adjust specific smart detection functions for customized monitoring.
  3. Play back video feeds and find events in the video schedule.

VIGI Security Manager

When you are at home, control your security system from the convenience of your desktop, or laptop. Simply keep a tab on your web browser for easy, quick access to your video feeds.

Run your business with peace of mind.

The VIGI Solution

The VIGI professional surveillance system by TP-Link is dedicated to protecting the business you’ve worked hard to build—whenever, wherever. Our outstanding functions, reliable quality guarantees, and simplified installation work together to ensure your business stays safe and sound.

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