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Powercom MRT 1000VA/1000W Online UPS


The Macan Rack/Tower (MRT) series is a new generation of UPSs combined with advanced technology and an output power factor of 0.99+ (extremely efficient) to perfectly protect your system.


Battery hot swappable design
This design ensures continuity of power to protect equipment during battery replacement.

Pure sine wave
Pure sine wave output with less than 2.5% THD
True double conversion
A true double conversion UPS will provide clean, high quality and stable power to fully
to protect your important device.

Brand new diagram LCD display
The new MRT series equipped with industry-leading auto-rotation LCD display to suit the installation formation,
vertical tower or rack mount. Users can acquire all information instantly from the big size and clear display.

UPSMON Pro and APP support
With UPS monitoring system, user can easily control both device and UPS.

50 / 60 Hz frequency converter mode
No matter how low/high the input voltage is, it can lock output frequency at 50 Hz or 60 Hz.


The LEAD ACID Batteries contained within this UPS device are rated to last 150-200 cycles. The life cycle refers to the battery being depleted completely and charged back up to 100% capacity. We strongly recommend not to deplete the battery’s charge below 50% as this could damage the battery’s lifecycle and will result in the battery’s ability to function normally for only 2 – 3 months.

These batteries are not designed to keep devices powered during an entire load shedding schedule, but rather to enable the user to have time to shut down devices (PC’s, Laptops) safely. Therefor during a power outage and loadshedding schedule we recommend shutting down the UPS after all connected devices have been shut down safely.


UPS Specs
Input Voltage 120V to 300V (120~140V under 25% load, 140~160V under 50% load, 160~190V under 75% load, 190~276V under 100% load)
Input Frequency 50Hz to 65Hz auto sensing (single phase)
Output Connections
Output Voltage (Backup mode) 208V / 220V / 230V / 240V ±2% (selectable output voltage)
Output Frequency (Backup mode) 50Hz / 60Hz ±0.25Hz
Output Waveform Pure sine wave
Overload Protection UPS automatic power off if overload exceeds 105% to 120% of nominal at 30 seconds; 121% to 150% for 10 seconds.
Unit Input Protection Fuse or overload & short circuit protection. 230V Surge Protection (IEEE C61000-4-5 level 3). UPS output cut off immediately - protected by input fuse or circuit breaker
Tele-communication Protection RJ45
Alarm Adjustable alarm settings
Battery Type Sealed, maintenance-free lead acid battery
Typical Recharge Time 4 hours to 90%
Battery Quantity 12V 7Ah x3
Battery Protection Battery low cut-off without draining any current
Display LCD - input / output voltage and frequency, on-line mode, backup mode, battery capacity, load level
Communication Interface RS-232,USB B-type
Audible Noise < 45dBA(1m from surface)
Ambient Operation Max elevation at 2000m, 0 to 40C, 0 to 95% humidity (non-condensing)

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