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  • Product Code: NF-8601S
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  • Brand: Noyafa


Noyafa NF-8601S Advanced Multi Function Cable Tester with
PoE/Ping Functions & TDR Theory fault finding

An essential tool for both professionals and enthusiasts, which provides full cable testing on different cable types such as network cable, coax, or telephone cable.
The intelligent wiremap's feature tests for length, shorts, split pairs, or opens and displays the info with an intuitive graphical interface where a fault is located (using TDR technology: Time Domain Reflectometry).

Product Features:

  • Measures cable length and display the distance to fault. Core troubleshooting features: length, distance to fault, graphical wire mapping, open circuit, short circuit.
  • PoE Presence: identify which pins are providing power and detect how much voltage.
  • PING function to test network performance, data packet min & max response time.
  • Tone & trace cable with complete AC Interference Rejection, much easier than other tracers.. Two tone tracing modes: common switch & PoE Switch.
  • Hub blink function for locating network port by the flashing port light on a server/switch/hub/router port.
  • Voltage detector: included in receiver (90-1000V)
  • LCD color screen (320x240) and built in lighting LED to illuminate dark areas when working in confined spaces (such as a network cabinet).
  • Low voltage alarm function and automatic delay power on-off.

 NF-8601S Transmitter specifications


 LCD 320x240 mm, with backlight

 Cable test types

 STP/UTP 5E,6E network , telephone , coaxial cable. 

 Max. distance of wiremap

 1000 m

 Max. distance of tracing


 Max. distance of cable length 

 1000 m

 Min. distance of calibration

 50 m


 up to 98% ( after calibration )

 Compatible connectors


 Cable map indication

 LCD (#1-#8)

 Battery Type

 3.7V lithium battery 1800mAh

 Work temperature / humidity

 10℃ ~ -60℃ / 0℃~70℃



 NF-8601S Receiver specifications

 Cable hunting

 RJ11,RJ45, BNC

 Types of cable

 ≥ 2 cores

 Battery Type

 3.7V lithium battery 1800mAh


 183x58x35 mm

 NF-8601S Remote unit specifications

 Compatible connectors

 RJ11,RJ45, BNC



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