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  • Product Code: NF-1107
  • Brand: Noyafa


Noyafa Cable Tool Kit - Advanced (NF-1107)

All the tools you need for network cabling in a convenient carry pouch. The advanced kit includes the following items:

Wire Tracer: Trace, locate, and verify RJ11 and RJ45 cables.

Network Cable Tester: Used to test RJ11/RJ45 cables status; insures pins and cable pairs are correctly connected via LED indicator lights.

Non-contact Voltage Detector: Used to identify live and neutral conductors, find a break in a wire, and detect the AC voltage.

Punch Down Tool: Easily terminates wires to keystone jacks with this punch down tool, while the blade cuts off excess cable.

Crimping Tool: Suitable for 8p8c plugs (RJ45 connectors) or 6p6c plugs (RJ11 connector).

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