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  • Product Code: HDM-EX300PL
  • Brand: HDMI


HDMI over Powerline Extender Kit (300m)

This HDMI Extender over Power transmits the HDMI signal through your existing power/electrical cable infrastructure simplifying installations. This Extender kit is ideal in scenarios where it is difficult to run networking cable.

It's also possible to run one Transmitter unit along with multiple Receivers on the same electrical circuit. The maximum transmission distance from a Transmitter to a Receiver is 300 meters.

1. HDMI signal resolution supports 1080P@60Hz max, backward compatible with multiple resolutions;

2. Power cable can be used for point-to-point or point to multi-point transmission of high-definition audio and video signals with a transmission distance up to 300 meters;

3. Supports remote IR infrared control function;

4. Supports remote RS232 signal transmission function, baud rate 38400bps;

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