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HDMI 120m Receiver with IR and PoE
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  • Product Code: HDM-EX120IR-R-POE
  • Download Datasheet: click to download pdf
  • Brand: HDMI


HDMI Receiver with IR (up to 120m - 1080p) and PoE Input

This HDMI Extender utilizes TCP/IP communication to extend your display up to 120m from the HDMI source, at resolutions up to 1080P, over one CAT5e/6 cable. Leveraging the advantages of TCP/IP communications you can extend your HD video to multiple displays by using an Ethernet router or switch, and hooking up additional HDMI Receivers.

Additionally, this model is capable of receiving PoE (Power over Ethernet) on it's LAN port from a PoE switch. This simplifies installations significantly, as you do not require a power supply at the location of this Receiver (no PSU is included with this model).

This is the Receiver unit (with PoE) only, and has to be used in conjunction with the "HDM-EX120IR-S-POE" Sender unit.
One HDMI Sender can however have multiple HDMI Receivers (by using a router or network switch to connect them together).

These extenders can be used up to an 80m distance with CAT5e (BC) cabling, or up to 120m with CAT6 (BC) cabling.

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