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  • Product Code: HDM-EX100IR-4K
  • Brand: DTECH


4K HDMI Extender (100m) with IR, SPDIF and RS232

The HDMI Extender kit consists of a Receiver & Sender that's capable of transmitting uncompressed audio and video signal without the need for analog-to-digital conversion, allowing for better performance.

This model supports HD resolutions up to 4K (3840x2160 @ 30Hz), and supports up to 100m transmission between the Sender & Receiver using a single CAT5e/CAT6 cable (bare copper cabling recommended). Using a single Ethernet cable between the Sender and Receiver also simplifies installations, and saves costs on expensive lengthy HDMI cables.

The 4K HDMI Extender Kit features InfraRed Passthrough, allowing you to change volume levels or switch TV channels by using an InfraRed Remote. It can also pass through connectivity for RS232 devices (as used by some printers, Point-of-Sale equipment, and PLC Controllers).

Product features:

  • Supports HD Resolutions, up to 4K max (3840x2160 @ 30Hz)
  • Supports SPDIF audio and IR passthrough functions
  • Only requires a single network cable between Sender & Receiver, up to 100m (bare copper cabling recommended)

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