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UltraLAN RJ45 CAT6A Shielded Modular Connector
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  • Product Code: CAB-RJ45-FTP6A
  • Brand: UltraLAN


UltraLAN RJ45 CAT6A Shielded Modular Connector

The UltralAN CAT6A Shielded Connector (with load bar) was developed to support today's 10Gbps infrastructure. The connector comes with a polycarbonate wire-aligner/load bar that allows for consistent twisted-pair seating during plug assembly, making termination easier. Gold plated connectors on these RJ45 connectors guarantee best possible transmission speeds for lightning fast networ connections.

Product Features:

  • Exceeds 10-Gig Performance standard
  • Works with larger gauge (CAT6A) cable
  • Works with UltraLAN CAT6A Crimping Tool

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