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  • Product Code: NF-488
  • Download Datasheet: click to download pdf
  • Brand: Noyafa


Noyafa PoE Checker

Main Functions

  • Test the information of the standard PoE device, such as af\at standard, power supply voltage, power supply polarity, and crossover mode.
  • Identify the supply voltage, power supply polarity, and crossover mode of non-standard PoE devices.
  • Check the short circuit, crossover and open circuit status in the network cable with the far end.
  • Test the power consumed by DC appliances.
  • The loop-back test function of the switch.

NF-488 Transmitter specification
Indictor LCD 128x64 mm, with back light
Continulity function Cable types CAT5,CAT6
Check UTP/STP cable YES
Cable short indicate YES
Max testing range 600m
Wire mapping Emitter +Remote
Emitter + switch/routor
PoE function Test range DC5-60V POE switch
Standard identify 802.3af/at ( standard/non-standard)
Test range power 0-18W
Output interface YES
Power function Voltage test range DC0-60V
Current test range 0-3A
power test range 0-180W
Input voltage protection DC48V 5mA
Max working current ≤80mA
Loopback Compatible with 10M ,100M,1000M switch
Power supply 3*AAA
NF-488 Remote Specification
Ports RJ45
Function Wire mapping for network cable
Input voltage protection DC48V 5mA

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